Custom Props

What makes Selfies Captured stand out from the rest? 

We are unique and classy! No squeezing into a tight curtain and plenty of space for the entertaining props. We provide service excellence with professionalism and enthusiasm with each shot. The unique ability for your guests to post directly from the station to their social media page is a hit across the board! 

How does the booth work?

Walk up, choose your props and green screen image then smile for a couple of shots! Once the images are captured, you'll be able to add filters and have the image sent directly to your phone or social media, along with the printed souvenir. The booth is touch screen where your guests can be interactive with the attendants assistance. 

What all do guest receive? 

Guests have several options available to them as a souvenir. First they have the ability to post directly to their social media pages, receive a copy through their email, and text it directly to their phones. They can also walk away with a printed copy of their photo via a 4x6, 5x7, or a photo strip. 

How many people can use the booth at one time?

Depending on the template chosen you'll be able to have a couple or a group of 15! 

Can I rent the booth by the hour?

There is a minimum of a two hour rental per event, but you are able to rent additional time afterwards for $150.00 per hour.

Can there be a specific logo created for our event?

Yes! Depending on your event, we can use your company logo on each image along with having a customized logo created per event. 

How much space is needed to set up the booth?

An area of 10x1o is needed for the unit.  

What type of power is required?

We bring an extension cord and power strip, but we do need access to an outlet. We also have a hotspot for the wireless features if wifi is unavailable. 

Is internet needed?

Overall the internet is needed for the social media aspect the booth has to offer instantly. We have our own hot spot application if wifi is not available and there is a back up option to receive the images shortly after the event is internet is unavailable completely. 

Can the booth be placed outside?

At the moment we need to be set up indoors due to unexpected weather.